The cattle on the farm are one of our greatest achievements with stunning looking Bulls, Heifers and Cows. We have approximately 300 cattle with a mixture of breeds and pure breeds which include Limousins, Charolais and Belgian Blues. 


The cattle graze the fields surrounding the farm and we are particularly proud of our pure bred Longhorn herd. The Longhorn herd are simply stunning and have very striking and distinct markings which can be seen in the photos below. This breed originates from England and they live longer than the other cattle breeds. The horns can make the breed appear aggressive but they usually have a pleasant temperament.


We have a stunning herd of Limousin cows, calves and also have 5 pure Limousin bulls. The demand for Limousins began in 1971 due to easy calving and provision of good quality meat. We have just finished calving and have some incredible pure Limousin calves born.

Just one of the bulls

The Limousins

Limousin Calves

The Limousin cows and calves

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