Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lambs and Calves this month

After a busy couple of weeks we are waiting for our last 4 sheep to lamb and then lambing will be completed until April time. The lambing shed has been full of strong lambs and most have been taken out into the fields now with their mothers. Across the board lambing is such an important time of year for us and their is so much work and effort put in to lambing from tupping right through to when the lamb is born and thereafter. Should you visit our campsite in the summer you will be able to see the lambs skipping around the fields!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Over half way through

We are over half way through lambing at the moment and are reaping the rewards of careful sheep management with some very strong lambs being born. The lovely dry weather we have been encountering has enabled us to take out the ewes and lambs into the luscious grass fields. The barn is still half full of ewes waiting to give birth and we predict in the next 10 days this first group of lambing will be completed......we then start it all again in April with over 3,000 to lamb!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Lambing Update

Lambing has been very successful so far with some very strong and healthy lambs being born. We have singles, twins and triplets all being born or waiting to meet the world. Some sheep that have lambed already have headed on out with their new babies into the plush fields near the farm where they are thriving. Below is a picture of a ewe and her baby looking very comfortable in the barn.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Lodger for the Night

This little lamb had to come into the warm last night. He was born as one of a set of triplets but he became cold and needed some warmth and looking after. Once he had warmed up and had some colostrum (the first milk taken from the mother) he was looking a lot stronger and woke me up this morning baaing very loudly. He is now back in the barn.

Mondays Snow

A wonderful sight on on the farm;

Lambing Has Begun!

What a week we have had here at Steeple Leaze Farm. Lambing has begun which is such exciting news for us here at the farm. Our first twins were born on Saturday, born to a pure Dorset ewe and since that point we have had triplets and twins born every day. This really is the sign of what is yet to come over the coming months here on the farm.

As well as lambing we are also calving at the end of February.